Visitor Visa

Traveling for pleasure, holidays or simply visiting your relatives in a distant foreign country is not a far cry today when the means of transportation, resources and various relaxed norms of various countries permit. In fact to be more positive on this many countries are making handsome foreign exchange earnings out of this travel. Off course all countries have their individual legislations and laws governing

  • Entry of travelers from other countries
  • Levy and charges of travel visa
  • Customs and immigration clearances on ports of arrival

To get a tourist visa you must furnish application for visa at the consulate or the embassy of the relevant country along with certain essential annexe. A typical list of documents includes

  • Application form
  • Passport
  • Indicated number of passport sized photographs
  • Residential details
  • Income tax returns
  • Health certification by designated physicians
  • 2 way airlines tickets
  • Employment profile
  • Family details
  • Proof of valid overseas health etc.

Beside these documents you must also be able to substantiate your intentions

  • Of travel to that particular country
  • Traveling back to your country of origin or current residence before the expiry of stay period or accomplishment of travel objective, which ever earlier

Australia maintains an elaborate system of travel and visit visa and offers traveler visa classes as per their requirements. It is henceforth essential that you must always request for the right visa to make your travel down under more convenient. Some classes have provisions for multiple entries while some for relevant extensions. The total validity of the visa also varies on type of classification (3, 6, 12 months). Certain visa classes require you to request for entry permission from outside the country and in case you need to extend your stay you must duly file for extension before the stipulated period.

Canada offers single or multiple entry visas to visitors for temporary travel. In both cases it is essential for you to substantiate your intentions of traveling only for pleasure and not any economic activity besides intentions to go back before expiry of travel permission. In case this cannot be evidenced at the port or entry you will be denied permission into the country.

As per HKSAR for travel beyond the permitted period of visa free travel to Hong Kong as per your country you must get a travel visa before you travel to this state.

The maximum period of travel to New Zealand cannot be beyond 9 months in any indicated 18 months

UK grants single or multiple entry permission to visitors with validity ranging from 6 months in short term visa to longer term entry permission for 1,2,5 or 10 years. Longer term entry permission however can be used to travel to country only for a period of 6 months per visit.

Being members of Schengen treaty Denmark, Latvia and Lithuania grant Schengen visa which permits a traveler to travel to and through Schengen member states for tenure not beyond 90 days in a specified tenure of 6 months.

Singapore generally grants visitor visa with a validity of 3 months to 2 years but the exact tenure of residence and travel is indicated by the immigration officials at the port of entry in Singapore at the time of arrival.