It is known fact that United Kingdom is one of the countries which are well known for higher education. It is considered a big step in the direction of your future to go to UK for study. Life in UK offers marvelous blend of international cultures and contemporary thinking .UK life is an incredible blend of international cultures and contemporary thinking, held together by a strong sense of identity and traditions. The incredible and beautiful landscape of UK is very suitable for walking, cycling, climbing, and mountain-biking and running. So, you will find adventure and fun along with your learning.

The World’s oldest systems of education are in UK with an impeccable reputation throughout the world for their high quality. Study in UK offers a very lively, cosmopolitan environment for International students with a broad spectrum of study options from among the 1000’s of Educational Institutions. As the UK government funds the British universities and education institutes, the quality of education is maintained of high level. There are better future prospects for any Indian student who has got degree from any university of UK. This is the reason why there is big rush of Indian students rushing to UK for education. But one should decide first about the degree program which he or she wanted to have from UK’s university,

UK is situated in Northwestern Coast of mainland Europe. UK is basically made up of 4 countries. These 4 Countries are England, Scotland, Wales & Northern Ireland.

The UK has one of the most globalised economies and is also the 6th largest economy of the world and 3rd largest national economy in Europe. In 2012, UK was the 11th largest exporter in the world and 6th largest importer.

Admission Intakes

Normally there are two intakes :

  • September is the major intake and
  • January is the minor intake.

However Colleges have multiple intakes in a year Jan/July/Sep/Nov/Dec.

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