PR Visa

Permanent residency can be described as a pathway to acquiring citizenship of a country. This process is generally defined under the statues of acquiring citizenship through naturalization process in a country. The PRs are regarded almost at par with citizens of a country with exception to rights under some statutes and gain employment in certain areas. There are certain stipulations attached for achievement of this status as

  • Fulfilling certain pre conditioned residence period in the country during provisional period and
  • Not remaining absent from country beyond the permitted period

Some countries like Canada, Australia, New Zealand and Singapore etc are offering permanent visa under 2 streams i.e. under

  • Direct 1 step, or
  • Indirect 2 step process
  • Australia

    Australia offers direct PR status to migrants under skilled migration in independent class, provincial nomination and employer sponsorship schemes. The migrants have access to an unrestricted travel inside the country as well freedom to depart from and arrive in country for an unrestricted number or travels for a period of 5 years. In business migration also this privilege is being extended to migrants under direct stream business men and investors visa.

    Under the 2 step process a migrant has to comply with certain residential pre requisites and other stipulations connected with the stream (as in provisional business men and investors visa) to gain access to PR status.


    Canada offers most of its migrants a direct access to permanent residential status. Once your application has been approved under federal or state sponsorship program you become eligible for this status once you enter Canada on basis of approval.

    Under the 2 phased processes in CEC there are adequate measures to assess the adaptability factor of a migrant who is in the country on a provisional visa to be advanced to PR.

    New Zealand

    People entering New Zealand get a direct access to PR status under skilled migration class - SMC. Here migrants can file for citizenship after fulfilling specifications connected with minimum residence period and other class connected pre conditions.

    2 phase process of PR in NZ includes Business men and investors and migrants already in country on basis of specified provisional work visa.

    United Kingdom

    UK ILR or document of PR can be only obtained after completion of 5 years period under provisional residential visa under Tier 1 and Tier 2. There are other connected pre requisites also.

    If you wish to get PR status in special administrative region of Hong Kong you must reside in this state for a minimum tenure of 7 years. The period of residence taken into consideration for calculation of eligibility for PR is ordinary residence that includes absence of migrant from country for temporary period.