It is always beautiful and thrilling practise to study in foreign country. Besides the higher level of study, cultural and languages provides lots of scope of learning. Students who go for studies to abroad become capable of seeing things such as globalization, poverty, and social inequity in different prospective. Moreover, individual have better understandings for his or her own country's culture, traditions, and values as they can compare these with that of another nation. Europe being one of the most sought after countries for education draws the attention of interested learners across all around the world.

The study in Europe is very learning in nature as the teaching is based on the principle that practical training and theoretical classroom both gets equal attention and time. The various colleges there have earned reputation of providing the quality based study, which brings illumination to young minds.

In Europe, there are Public universities, Private universities, Technical institutes, The IVY League & Community Colleges.

The European Universities generally have 4 intakes:

  • Spring : Jan/Feb
  • Fall : Aug/Sep
  • Summer : April/May
  • Winter : December

For European Universities international students need to apply 1 year before.