Business Visa

Today foreign funds are regarded as an incredible source of pumping up economy of a country. This source can help governments to raise business and market sentiments by encouraging migrants with appropriate financial and business experience to enter the country and establish their enterprise and investments.

There are 2 segments in Australian business migration. One of the classes is meant to serve people with substantial net asset value and business exposure while the other is a general classification. Both the segments have places for business owners (ones who would like to establish and run their own organizations) and investment aspirants (ones who have intentions of parking funds in designated venues). Both the segments are available through an invite and an aspirant must create an intent document called EOI to be considered for this program.

Latvian government is open to granting provisional residence permissions to migrating people intending to participate in qualified and designated investment schemes and venues in country. Over the years this Baltic state has gained prominence among the investment aspirants and attracted rich reviews on various prospects available in this country. The biggest advantage of obtaining a TRP on basis of business and investment program in Latvia is that your application gets top priority in assessment.

Lithuania has a similar policy as Latvia and is one of the most progressive economies of EU. Since joining EU in 2004 this nation has been consistently marching onto path of economic revelation and has been registering a phenomenal growth. The government is also committed to providing all required impetus to local economy by creating a policy framework to attract and encourage investors and business men from other countries to become partners in this development process. Lithuanian authorities are offering provisional entry permission to migrant intending to enter the country on basis of investment and business ventures on priority.

Hong Kong has been able to retain its charisma even after being taken over by china in 1997. The government of mainland China has given clear signals of its intentions of not meddling with this state and let it carries on with economic policies that focus more or less on the HKSAR. People intending to get immigration on basis of business and investment can avail opportunities lay at disposal of migrants through general employment scheme and capital investor schemes. HKSAR offers extendable provisional visas to migrant under business and investment classes.

New Zealand authorities have been quite upright in their mission of creating a productive and business and investment environment in the country. They have laid several opportunities at the disposal of migrants intending to enter the country on basis of investments and business plans. There are 2 streams of schemes in each of the class i.e. in general and fast track options.

People intending to migrate to Denmark on basis of business can seek provisional entry under self employment classification and establish business venture in this country. It is mandatory for the migrant to participate in day to day running of business enterprise.

Singapore is referred to as one of the 4 Asian tigers based on its incredible economic performance. To sustain its competitive edge it initiated a pilot program in 2004 to create conducive environment for migrant investors and business men to enter the country on basis of business immigration. There are several programs available for direct entry and provisional entry permissions.